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Viroqua Partners

The Viroqua Chamber ~ A Main Street City, previously known as the Viroqua Revitalization Association, was formed in 1989 to improve the business district and community life. In August of 1989 Viroqua was honorably chosen as a Main Street City after submitting an application and making a formal presentation to the Wisconsin Department of Development. On January 1, 1995, The Viroqua Revitalization Association and the Viroqua Chamber of Commerce joined forces and merged into one organization, The Viroqua Chamber ~ A Main Street City, also known as the Viroqua Partners.

Viroqua's Main Street

The Viroqua Partners is an organization whose goal is to enhance the quality of life of all citizens. The key to the success of Viroqua's Main Street Program is its integration of four areas into a practical city management strategy known as the "Four-Point Approach." Organization, Promotion, Design, and Economic Restructuring combine to work with both the public and private sectors to upgrade the quality of services and variety of goods offered in the Viroqua area. It will also work to encourage further growth and economic development of the entire community by promoting industrial development, tourism, and cooperation with agriculture.

In 2001, the Viroqua Partners and ARTT were given the Governor's Award for Outstanding Organizations of the Year. It is because of the continued support and contributions from the public and private sectors, and the countless hours of volunteer work donated to our many projects, that we can boast of being an economically strong and vibrant Wisconsin community.

Executive Director— Emily Rozeske

VCMSC Board of Directors:

President—Bette Schoenneman, Vice President—Margaret Severson, Treasurer—Trudy Wallin, Secretary—June Pedretti, Mayor Larry Fanta, Rev. Dr. Steve Fossum, Mike Powers, Mary Christianson, Kile Martz, Aaron Cade (Jr. Partners), Debra Abt and Julie Steiner


Promotion, Design, Economic Restructuring, Tourism & Agriculture.

Viroqua Partners - 608-637-2575 | viroquapartners@gmail.com